Sector Overview.

The movement and storage of goods is rapidly changing and globally minded businesses are emerging from within Mississauga’s logistics sector, relying on digital technology to trace, manage and move goods. In Mississauga, industries involved or dependent on goods movement account for almost half of our economy. The movement of goods is a central economic function.

Second Largest Logistics Sector

Mississauga has the second largest logistics sector in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Talented Workforce

Sheridan College and triOS College offer programs with specializations in Supply Chain Operations, Management and Logistics.

Access to Markets

Mississauga is home to Canada’s largest airport with over 1.2M sq ft. of airport warehouse space, capable of processing 1M metric tonnes of cargo annually and 5 runways able to handle all aircraft types and 24/7 customs clearance.


Mississauga’s logistics sector has grown by 20% over the past five years and is considered one of the fastest growing logistics sectors in Canada.


Mississauga's logistics sector accounts for 30% of the total logistics employment of the GTA.


Mississauga’s is the only city in the Region serviced by 3 Principle Railways and 7 Major Highways. The city is also less than a 90 minute drive to the U.S. border (Buffalo).

Business Community.

Discover our growing business community. Filter through hundreds of logistics businesses and set parameters based on your interests.





Air Transport

80+ Businesses

Freight Forwarders

175+ Businesses

Logistics Support Services

80+ Businesses

Postal Services & Couriers

50+ Bus...

Trucking Transport

290+ Businesses

Warehousing & Distribution

180+ Businesses

3PL +

150+ Businesses

Sub Sectors.

Mississauga is home to rapidly growing logistics sub-sectors spanning various areas within the industry.

These sub-sectors represent a portion of Mississauga’s smart logistics sector. For a full overview, please see the Smart Logistics Sector Profile.

Notable Companies.

Mississauga has the largest logistics sector in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). These companies contribute to our growing sector and we’re proud that they call Mississauga home.

Latest News & Events.

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Resources & Tools.

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