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The Invest Mississauga team provides information and services to help your business grow and prosper in Mississauga. Whether you’re starting, expanding, consolidating or relocating your company, you can rely on our team of professionals to help make your decisions easier, faster and more effective. We understand that each situation may be unique – the services we provide can be tailored to your specific needs.

In order to best assist you, we’ve organized our services into 3 categories, locate, grow and start-up. Please scroll down to the category that best applies to your current situation.


If your business is looking to make a location decision, our team offers a variety of support services that will ensure the process is fast, informed and without issue.

Site Selection

We provide real estate options for available sites, site tours, connections to realtors, and use verification to ensure sites meet the clients’ needs.

Data Analytics

We support companies in their decision making by providing high-level to highly customized data related to market, infrastructure, talent, sector, and beyond.

Connections to Professional Service Providers

We provide companies a soft landing by connecting them to professional services including but not limited to legal, banking, accounting/tax, immigration and other government services.

Newcomer Support

We provide access and guidance to newcomer supports and resources to ensure employees and their families have everything they need to make Mississauga their home.

Government Funding & Programs

We offer guidance and support related to relevant government funding and programs available to help businesses establish and grow.

Global Skills Strategy Referral Partner

We help eligible employers access to a global labour pool through a dedicated service team.


Once your business becomes part of the Mississauga business community, our team offers a variety of support services that will facilitate its growth and success.

Talent Acquisition

We will connect your business to training institutions, recruitment firms and government agencies that will support your search to find the best talent.

B2B Connections

We connect your business to companies to support your supply chains needs. We provide introductions to industry organizations and networking opportunities so your business can find clients that are looking for your products and services.

Productivity and Continuous Improvement

As companies are looking to do more with less and improve their margins, we provide customized continuous improvement opportunities and training to assist businesses increase efficiencies and extract value from the production process.

Export Market Development

With our partners including Government of Canada Trade Commissioners and export-focused organizations, we assist in finding new market opportunities for your company.

Sector Councils

Your voice is important and that is why we established sector councils for our key sectors (life sciences & advanced manufacturing). This group of local industry leaders serve as ambassadors and advisors for the City of Mississauga. Their collective voice that represents a common vision for the sector and provides input on our path forward.

Workforce Development

Building a sustainable workforce for our businesses is critical to their success and to maintaining our Region’s global competitiveness. Our office leads from the front by connecting key stakeholders to discuss and advocate for solutions including the development of new programs and co-operative education opportunities to address workforce development challenges.

Promotional Support

Are you announcing the opening of a new facility? Do you have an event that you would like to promote? Let us help you spread the word through our social media channels, website and more formal announcements.

Cluster Building Events

A high degree of connectivity amongst key stakeholders is essential to a high performing ecosystem. Our office supports the creation of new linkages between public, private and government stakeholders through informal and formal programs and networking events.

Innovation and Tech Adoption

We work with your company and our partners to provide opportunities and funding for the successful onboarding and integration of new technologies into your business.

Issue Resolution

Do you have a problem you need help solving? We can help! Whether you are having trouble navigating the municipal building permit process or need to discuss transit-related items, our office is your one-stop shop to help resolve outstanding city-related or other matters.

Government Funding & Programs

We offer guidance and support related to relevant government funding and programs available to help businesses establish and grow.


Are you starting a business in Mississauga? The IDEA Mississauga team including the Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre (MBEC) is your central source for small business information, resources, programs and guidance to help you start a new business or take your existing business to the next level.

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