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CanExport InnovationTrade Commissioner ServiceUp to $75,000 in fundingSupport for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to assist with research and development (R&D) for a single technology: Up to 75% of costs to pursue and sign collaborative R&D agreements with international partners and investors to co-develop, validate or adapt technologies for commercialization.Any Sector, Global Market Access, Research & Development SupportSmall & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/funding-financement/canexport/innovation/index.aspx?lang=engExport Market Development,
Canada Post Large-Volume Business Letter DiscountsCanada PostDiscounts apply on a volume-basisAvailable to businesses shipping more than 1,000 items in Canada or more than 100 internationally: A cost-effective way of sending business correspondence, invoices and billing statements Any Sector, Shipping Support, Any Size, https://www.canadapost.ca/cpc/en/business/postal-services/mailing/letter-discounts.pageExport Market Development,
Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessCanada PostMembership-based savings program to support small businesses with shipping, marketing and e-commerceSmall businesses can gain access to tools and savings to support business growth. Key features include shipping, direct mail and packaging discounts; direct mail marketing tools; and e-commerce partnership tools with Shopify and PayPal.Any Sector, Shipping Support, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), https://www.canadapost.ca/cpc/en/business/small-business.page?Export Market Development, Commercialization & Business Development
Customs Bonded WarehousesCanada Border Services AgencySavings program for qualified companies with storage facilities under the authority of the Canada Border Service AgencyCompanies participating in the Customs Bonded Warehouse Program may qualify for a complete deferral of duty and taxes. Qualified companies pay only the duty and taxes on the portion of goods entering the Canadian market, and do not pay any duty on exported goods. A customs bonded warehouse is a facility operated by the private sector but regulated by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).Any Sector, Shipping Support, Any Size, https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/ddr-red/warehouse-entrepot-eng.htmlExport Market Development,
Drawback ProgramCanada Border Services AgencyQualified companies may be refunded customs duties paid for imported goods Companies may qualify for the Drawback Program to import goods without paying duties if: - The goods are eventually exported; or - The goods are manufactured and eventually exported. Drawbacks can also be given when imported goods go beyond their natural shelf life, become obsolete, or become surplus. In these cases, the goods must be destroyed by order of a Canada Border Services Agency officer. Any Sector, Shipping Support, Any Size, https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/ddr-red/drawback-eng.htmlExport Market Development,
Duties Relief ProgramCanada Border Services AgencyQualified companies import goods without paying dutiesAvailable to companies that import goods that are later exported as-is, or that import goods to produce other goods for export.Any Sector, Shipping Support, Any Size, https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/ddr-red/relief-report-eng.htmlExport Market Development,
Export Development CanadaGovernment of CanadaRange of Financing and Insurance ServicesProvides a range of financing and insurance services (risk management, financing and working capital solutions) to support export market access, including both importing and exporting from Canada. Any Sector, Global Market Access, Any Size, https://www.edc.ca/en/solutions.htmlExport Market Development,
Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) ProgramFedDev Ontario No-interest, repayable contributions from $500,000 up to $10 million per projectFunding to accelerate the growth of firms and assist with the adoption of new, innovative technologies that support scale-up, productivity, and the development of and entry into new marketsAny Sector, Global Market Access, Strategic Investments & Technology Adoption, Any Size, https://www.feddevontario.gc.ca/eic/site/723.nsf/eng/02466.html?OpenDocumentExport Market Development,
Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation(SOFII)Western Ontario Community Futures Development Corporation AssociationInterest-bearing term loans of $150,000 to $500,000Available to high-growth, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises to support late stage commercialization, new product or service development, new applications or markets, and development or implementation of new processes or technologies.Any SectorResearch & Development Support, Global Market Access, Commercialization, Early Stage and Pre-Commercial SupportSmall & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)https://www.sofii.ca/en/Export Market Development
Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)Canadian Trade Commissioner ServiceFunding assessed on a case-by-case basisSeed funding to support Canadian small or medium-sized enterprises pursuing international research and development collaboration with a foreign partner on projects that have the potential for commercialization. The program can help Canadian businesses find research and development partnerships in: Brazil, China, India, Israel, and South Korea.Any SectorGlobal Market Access, Commercialization, Research & Development SupportSmall & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/funding-financement/ciip-pcii/index.aspx?lang=engExport Market Development
EurostarsNational Research Council Canada-Industrial Research Assistance ProgramAccess to technology, expertise and markets in Europe and beyondAvailable to small and medium sized enterprises performing research and development with a focus on a technological area with an aim to develop a new product, process or service alongside partners/participants in Eurostars countries (European Union). Any SectorInternational Partnerships, Research & Development Support, Global Market AccessSmall & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)https://nrc.canada.ca/en/support-technology-innovation/eurostars-programExport Market Development
GlobalinkMitacsMatching funding starting at $7,500 for a 16 to 24 week projectBilateral research based collaboration between business and Canadian or international researchers. Globalink supports projects that help businesses strengthen networks, develop partnerships, create joint ventures, and stay on top of global sector trends. Any SectorResearch & Development Support, International PartnershipsAny Sizehttps://www.mitacs.ca/en/programs/globalinkExport Market Development
Supply Management Processing Investment FundAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaUp to 50% of the project cost for small- and medium-sized enterprises and up to 25% for large organizations of 500 employees or moreThe Supply Management Processing Investment Fund is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to support processors in these sectors to address the impacts of international trade agreements. Through this program, processors of supply-managed commodities will have access to funding to improve their productivity and efficiency through investments in new automated equipment and technology. The Fund leverages private investment in processing plants to accelerate adoption of automation to lower processing costs, address labour shortages and enhance product quality.Food & BeverageResearch & Development SupportAny Sizehttps://www.canada.ca/en/agriculture-agri-food/news/2022/03/minister-bibeau-launches-a-new-support-program-for-processors-of-canadas-supply-managed-commodities.htmlExport Market Development
Supply Chain Support LoanBusiness Development Bank of Canada (BDC)Up to $500,000If supply chain delays and disruptions are impacting your operations business can receive funding to help maintain business cash flow and meet financial obligations.Any SectorSupply Chain, Shipping SupportAny Sizehttps://www.bdc.ca/en/financing/supply-chain-support-loanExport Market Development
ExportONMinistry of Economic Development, Job Creation and TradeThe Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade helps Ontario companies expand their business within Canada and globally. Offering a wide range of export programs and services including exporter preparation, export education webinars, B2B meetings, and trade shows. Any SectorGlobal Market AccessAny Sizehttps://www.ontario.ca/page/grow-your-business-here-and-abroadExport Market Development
CanExport SMEsTrade CommissionerUp to $50,000Companies can receive up to 50% of eligible costs for $10,000 to $50,000 in funding per project. Can also target 5 new international markets per project where says: - Less than $100,000 or - less than 10% of the company's total sales"Any SectorGlobal Market AccessSmall & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/funding-financement/canexport/sme-pme/index.aspx?lang=engExport Market Development,
CanExport AssociationsTrade Commissioner ServiceUp to $250,000 in annual fundingCanadian national industry associations and trade organizations may access up to $250,000 in annual funding. We will cover up to 50% of eligible costs for new or expanded international business development (IBD) activities that benefit an entire industry: organization’s members and non-members alike.Any Sector, Global Market AccessAny Sizehttps://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/funding-financement/canexport/associations/index.aspx?lang=eng
FITTForum for International Trade TrainingITT is dedicated to providing international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals and businesses.Any SectorGlobal Market Access,Any Sizehttps://fittfortrade.com/fitt-international-business-resources
RBC Global ConnectRBC A free, online global trade resource, RBC Global Connect offers market profiles, trends and toolsAny SectorGlobal Market Access,Any Sizehttps://www.rbcroyalbank.com/business/international-trade/global-connect.html
Cleantech FinancingExport Development CanadaFunding assessed on a case-by-case basisEDC provides financing, risk protection, market knowledge and global contacts in support of high-impact clean technology projects. CleantechGlobal Market Access, Financing & Venture Capital, Clean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Any Size, https://www.edc.ca/cleantech
Government to government contract agencyCanadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)Range of Support and Advisory ServicesSupport Canadian businesses and exporters sell to foreign governments.Any Sector, Aerospace, Cleantech, ICTGlobal Market Access,Any Sizehttps://www.ccc.ca/en/
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