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Mississauga’s Quality of Life Continues to Rate High Amongst Residents

The results from the 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey are in and the City of Mississauga once again received a high satisfaction rating from residents with 79 per cent rating the City’s overall quality of life as either excellent or good.

The results were based on 2,082 responses from two surveys conducted in April 2023. The first was a telephone survey of 1,000 residents to gauge overall satisfaction with municipal government, quality of life, perceived value for taxes, as well as general communication and customer service. The second was an online survey of more than 1,000 residents to measure their satisfaction with various programs and services offered by the City.

Key survey findings

  • Residents indicated that they were attracted to Mississauga by the availability of parks and green space (22 per cent), its proximity to amenities (18 per cent), and multiculturalism/tolerance (15 per cent).
  • Fire and Emergency Services had the highest satisfaction of any service area at 85 per cent.
  • MiWay had a significant rise in satisfaction at 69 per cent (up 3 percent from 2019).
  • 80 per cent of residents indicated they were proud to say they were from Mississauga.
  • 66 per cent of residents are satisfied with the City’s municipal government.
  • 54 per cent of residents feel they receive good value for their municipal tax dollars.

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