The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) turns life science discoveries into industry-ready innovations, propelling new enterprises and technologies at the earliest stage of their creation. Leading researchers, students, and partners come together here to launch game-changing start-ups that promote health, prosperity, and vitality around the world.  

This research-driven innovation makes a special impact at home in the Greater Toronto Area. UTM continues to strengthen partnerships in Mississauga’s life science sector, collaborating to take on society’s biggest challenges and to help create healthy, vibrant communities for the future. To learn more about the University of Toronto Mississauga, please click here.


The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) educates more than 1,500 life science students each year, providing hands-on experience in life and chemical sciences including research opportunities and experiential placements in industry settings. More than 400 new life science graduates will enter the workforce every year as North America’s most employable public university graduates.


The University of Toronto leads in the life, chemical, and applied sciences, ranked in the top ten among universities internationally in diverse fields, from molecular biology to biochemistry, genetics to oncology. 


The University of Toronto continues to extend our leadership as one of the top five university-managed business incubators in the world. Since 2017, U of T has supported more IP start-ups than any North American university outside of MIT – and more than any other university in Canada. 

Centre for Medicinal Chemistry

UTM's Centre for Medicinal Chemistry designs disease-fighting therapies at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. Their work has helped launch four drug discovery start-ups in the last five years, which have attracted more than $70M in private investment; created more than 100 new jobs; and hastened the pace with which we can move potentially life-saving drugs into pre-clinical and clinical trials.


U of T runs a booming entrepreneurship network that connects more than 10 innovation hubs across three campuses, including ICUBE at UTM. This community. This community has supported 620 venture capital-backed companies over the past ten years alone, creating over 9,000 jobs, filing 1,000 patent applications and earning more than $2.5B in external investment.


The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) continues to invest in world-class research infrastructure. This includes a New Science Building, which will open in 2023 as one of the most energy efficient wet lab facilities in North America. It will house internationally significant research programs in forensic science, population health, and pharmaceutical drug discovery. 

All the right ingredients for success.

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