Economic Recovery Plans


On May 7, 2020, Council adopted the City’s Recovery Plan Framework. The framework is designed to help Mississauga address all aspects of the recovery from COVID-19 and is divided into four pillars for recovery: Community, Economic, Finance and Corporate.

The Economic Recovery Framework is one of four pillars guiding the City’s overall recovery efforts. The framework sets out the principles for the development of industry-specific economic recovery plans. These principles include a phased approach to recovery; finding every opportunity to help Mississauga businesses build back to better; and adopting an inclusive, whole community approach that leaves no one behind.

Economic Recovery Framework

The following document provides a framework for the Economic pillar of the recovery plan. The purpose of the framework is to set out the guidelines and terms we will employ as a City to address the economic impacts of COVID-19 on the business community in Mississauga.

The Economic Recovery Framework reflects phases found within the City of Mississauga’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan: Mitigate, Reboot and Grow. These phases are not time-specific, with the understanding and expectation that there may be overlap between them. These phases will guide the City’s economic recovery activities and outline milestones of recovery efforts.

Economic Recovery Plans

The need for industry-specific plans was outlined in the City’s Economic Recovery Pillar Framework. These plans consist of the following:

Small business is the foundation of Mississauga’s economy. From traditional main street small businesses to high-growth scale-ups, the economic health and vitality of these establishments directly impact the overall well-being of the local economy.

Download: Small Business Economic Recovery Plan

The Mississauga Economic Development Strategy (2020-2025) identified four priority sectors in Mississauga that are globally competitive and have strong growth potential: Advanced Manufacturing (Aerospace, Automotive, Cleantech and Food & Beverage), Higher Value Business Services (Finance, Insurance and Information Technology), Life Sciences and Smart Logistics. Together these sectors employ over 178,000 people, accounting for 42.9% of Mississauga’s total employment base.

Download: Broader Industry Economic Recovery Plan

Ontario’s creative industries include the music, book, magazine, film, television and interactive digital media sectors are considered a global success story. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Province has indicated that 350,000 jobs in Ontario’s culture sector have been lost to date resulting in an estimated $17.5 billion drop in economic impact from the culture sector to Ontario’s economy.

Download: Creative Industries Economic Recovery Plan