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The Mississauga Economic Development Office takes great pride in the amount of information we collect. In our detailed process, we gather data from other departments, which is then organized and made accessible to the public. Take a look at our offerings below. If you have any questions regarding the use of this data centre, please feel free to contact us.

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    Food & Beverage Sector ProfileFood & Beverage Sector Profile16703
    Life Sciences Sector ProfileLife Sciences Sector Profile14588
    Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Sector ProfileInformation & Communications Technology (ICT) Sector Profile14586
    Financial Services Sector ProfileFinancial Services Sector Profile14584
    Smart Logistics Sector ProfileSmart Logistics Sector Profile14576
    Cleantech Sector ProfileCleantech Sector Profile14575
    Automotive Sector ProfileAutomotive Sector Profile14574
    Aerospace & Aviation Sector ProfileAerospace & Aviation Sector Profile14572
    Economic IndicatorsEconomic Indicators14478
    Leading Businesses ListLeading Businesses List14461
    Market ConditionsMarket Conditions14418
    Transportation & InfrastructureTransportation & Infrastructure14417
    Taxes & AssessmentTaxes & Assessment14416
    Talent & EmploymentTalent & Employment14415
    Top Employers ListTop Employers List14414
    Population, Demographics & HousingPopulation, Demographics & Housing14413
    Utilities & Operational ServicesUtilities & Operational Services14412
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